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Reconciliation Day - Sept 30

In July 2014, the Assembly of First Nations Chiefs-in-Assembly passed a resolution declaring 30 September Orange Shirt Day. It committed members to raise awareness of the day and its message. The resolution asked all Canadians to listen “with open hearts” to the stories of residential school survivors as “a first step in reconciliation” (The Canadian Encyclopedia).

Canada acknowledges September 30th as Orange Shirt Day, a day of remembrance and awareness about the injustices endured by the Indigenous Community for it is on this day that thousands of children were taken from their families to be enlisted into Residential Schools. 

This is a very crucial part of Canadian history but one that often gets overlooked. Indigenous communities have and continue to face discrimination, and it is up to us, the common public, to take a step in aiding them towards positive change. 

Our Contribution

in 2021, New Season donated nearly twenty-five thousand dollars worth of Bed Sheets and Bedding essentials to the Indigenous community as a way of paying respect and doing our part in the journey towards reconciliation. 

This year, we do not intend to stop these efforts. We will be donating ten percent of all our proceeds to as well as adding a fifty percent discount on all our Orange products (coupon code "ORANGENS") to maximize the donations. Every dollar counts and we would really appreciate all your support in this. 

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