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Giving Back

Since our start, HugMe has been more then just offering high quality home goods. Our goal is to create community, to promote self love both within self- care and giving back to protecting our people and Environment. We have successfully omitted plastic and excessive waste and all our products come in Reusuable bags. From the start we have always made the effort to use recycled cotton, sustatinable materials and organic fibers . We are continuously innovating and improving to prove the most eco-friendly products in order to reduce our impact on the planet. We have joined a number of campaigns and here is how you can help!

1% For The Planet

1 % for the Planet is a global movement of businesses supporting environmental causes. From now on, we are  giving 1% of our gross sales (not revenue) to this organization.

As a business, one way or the other, we consume natural resources to develop our activity, so to give back a percentage of our sales to organizations that help restore these resources is a necessity to us. During 2021, we will be donating monthly to organizations that help protect our oceans from the plastic contamination and to reduce the climate change protecting our rainforests. Here at HugMe we are committed to do our part to help. 

One Tree Planted

Trees play an essential role in cleaning the air we breathe, filter the water and provide habitat to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. Healthy, strong trees act as carbon sinks that offset carbon and aids in the reduction of the effects of climate change. That’s why we have joined One Tree Planted, to help in their mission to plant one tree for each $1 donated. During checkout, our clients now have the opportunity to donate any amount they want. We will match it and donate the total amount, 


For every return we donate it to savers that can help in giving some of our products to the less unfortunate. During Canada's cold harsh winters, we help by providing bedding to homeless shelters and others in need.

This said if you are struggling with financial insecuritity, feel free to reach out and we are more then happy to help out as much as we can!

Homes First

It takes a lot to rebuild a life. Not only do you need a safe, stable home, but you need things to put in that home. For many residents, budgets are tight and essentials, like personal hygiene items or home goods like cookware, are a luxury they can’t afford.

With this being said we are donating sheets and blankets to help residents save money on expensive bedding essentials.

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Organic 500TC Cotton Sheet Sets
Organic 500TC Cotton Sheet Sets

Organic 500TC Cotton Sheet Sets

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What Is Bamboo Linen?

Experience the luxury of sleeping with our best-selling fabrics bamboo and linen. By combining the two products we created sheets that will deliver the breathlessness that linen offers and the soft/comfort feeling of bamboo. The pillowcases are a combination of natural bamboo rayon fibres and linen to create a silky softness and a comfortable night's sleep as well as add to a beautiful addition to any bedroom!

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Winter is Here (Fa- la land)
Winter is Here (Fa- la land)

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The First Weighted Throw

Do you suffer with insomnia or know of someone who does? Our Weighted blankets are disguised as throws that can help with sleep and elavate any room!

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Dusty Rose Silk Pillowcase
Dusty Rose Silk Pillowcase
Dusty Rose Silk Pillowcase
Dusty Rose Silk Pillowcase

Dusty Rose Silk Pillowcase

Silk has been a long time beauty secret as it can help keep your skins moisture. Our silk pillowcases will help reduce stretching and tugging on delicate facial skin that will prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Silk pillows will allow for your skin to better absorb skincare products so that you will achieve the best results of your skincare routine as well!