Bringing Hair Back to Good Health: Hair Loss

Bringing Hair Back to Good Health: Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common occurrence and there are many factors that contribute towards it. Whether its ongoing stress, heat damage or even aging, it happens to the best of us. Good hair health leads to more confidence and if you're struggling with damaged hair, we can help!

We have been working extremely hard on launching an affordable silk pillowcase as it can help prevent friction, reduce hair tangles and help blowouts last longer. Our silk pillowcases come with an envelope ensuring that it doesn’t slip out of your pillows. We have made sure that our high quality silk will not only help maintain hair health but also add a beautiful luxurious look to every bedroom as well!

For those that have long hair and want to style their hair heat free, we are excited to announce that we have launched our silk gift set that includes silk rods, 2 scrunchies and a silk pillowcase that will help ensure that you can achieve the perfect curls every morning frizz free!

We recommend trying out the silk rod along with the scrunchies for better hair health! Remember, it's not too late to start taking care of your hair!

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