Sleep Deprivation and How It Affects Our Day to Day Life

Sleep Deprivation and How It Affects Our Day to Day Life

For many of us getting a good night's sleep is difficult especially throughout the week with our crazy hectic schedules. Oftentimes we stay up to complete more work, or even just tapping away on our phones. We don’t realize how much sleep is crucial to our physical and mental health until we go multiple nights barely sleeping.

A major concern for sleep deprivation is developing insomnia. Many people struggle with insomnia and it could be related to their mental health or even other factors such as sugar consumption, medications and even developing unhealthy sleep patterns. We suggest trying out the HUGME weighted throw that has helped combat insomnia for many people. The science behind the blanket is that it allows the body to go into a relaxed mode similar to getting coddled in bed. This has helped people not only sleep better, but sleep longer as the weights help keeping you in bed longer. 

Another concern that comes with sleep deprivation is losing memory. Many people have reported that after losing countless hours of sleep they begin to lose memory which makes it difficult to keep up with tasks or stay on top of things both socially and academically.

For students especially it's important to remember that sleep is just as important as eating and working out. Many of us forget how important sleep is and thus develop unhealthy sleep patterns. We recommend at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night with our HUGME weighted blanket for better physical and mental health.

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