The Secret to my Luscious Locks

The Secret to my Luscious Locks

People always ask me what my secret is for my long luscious hair. The answer is simple: along with investing in high quality hair products, a silk pillowcase is essential in making sure I maintain the overall health of my hair. I am someone that has struggled with bed head for years. I hated waking up with a poofy mess and with someone with thick long hair in a bun a regular pillowcase was not always the best option, unless I wanted a headache the next day. 

I remember hearing about silk pillowcases and my first thought was why invest in silk when you can use satin. For years I tried satin pillowcases I would find on sale at Home Sense and Marshalls, and each night no matter what, I would always feel scratchy on my face and I loathed the overall feeling of it. After time and research I finally came across the HugMe silk pillowcases, and this instantly become my holy grail.

I finally understand what the hype is about and why people rave about the silk pillowcases. My blowouts last longer, my hair is less frizzy and I no longer have to wash my hair every other day causing lesser damage! The high quality of the HugMe silk pillowcases and the built-in envelope ensures the pillowcase doesn't slip away and making all the difference from the pillowcases I had and used previously. 

This silk pillowcase has been a game-changer and not only has my hair never felt healthier but it cut down the time it takes for me to dress up in half. I no longer have to restyle my hair every morning and ever since I purchased this, I no longer have to deal with bed head and hard to manage tangles.

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