Our Story

The story of HugMe is inspired by innovating regular every day products.

I spent years working for my dad's company and watching him introduce new fabrics and linens into the bedding industry. The countless hours I spent at the store, I learnt about different fabric qualities and different niches for interior design. I always wanted to do more than what was given to me, and our journey began with introducing sleepwear using the same fabrics in our sheets.

How I started

I pitched the idea of creating linen and bamboo pajamas to my dad, at first he was confused to say the least and didn't believe it would work out as well as it did. I used a king size sheet-set for each top selling collection he had and began transforming into sleepwear which is now being sold on our site. 

I also loved the idea of weighted blankets after my dad introduced me to one back in 2018. However with the weighted blanket I noticed the difficulty that rose from having to wash it as well as issues with the beads falling out of place and the overall look of it. A product that can help millions of people struggling with sleep shouldn't look like a prison blanket, so I put my brain to use and manufactured a throw that served as a weighted blanket but could be used to elevate a rooms design as well! 

Every time I had a new idea, my dad became my number one supporter and since then it's just been developing one product after another

Upon seeing how well products in my head became reality, it motivated me to introduce newer ideas, and some that haven't even been introduced in the market just yet. HugMe is all about innovation, products such as bamboo linen, weighted throws and bamboo linen is unheard of. I wanted to continue introducing new products and my dad has helped every step of the way.

With the implementation of the COVID 19 lockdown, I honestly see it as a blessing in disguise. I am currently a university student managing an established business and thus I would always find myself procrastinating with school work and my day to day life. With the lockdown set in place I immediately got to work and since then I have dedicated countless hours and time to growing this business. With everything changing and more people staying at home I wanted to design easy to use products that would help every day millennial that didn't have time to take things to get dry cleaned, or wanted comfortable loungewear that could be worn both within and outside the house!

Like most there were many challenges I experienced throughout this journey

With the stress of managing this business mainly on my own, I felt overwhelmed and wanted to give up whenever situations got too challenging. I would say the hardest part were issues I had related to packaging. I always put my 100% in everything that I do and when it came to my products having malfunctions on a time crunch it became extremely draining but after seeing my results and my final products everything became instantly worth it.

I am forever grateful for experiencing all of these challenges at a young age, and everything I experienced throughout this process has been an opportunity within itself.  Its been hard balancing school, business and other responsibilities but HugMe has become my main priority and business in life.  But whats true is that no matter how busy I get the excitement and happiness I feel after seeing what I created is the most rewarding feeling and that is why I want to grow this as much as I can!

Where do I plan on going from here

From the beginning I always envisioned high dreams for HugMe. I didn't want it to be a small shop people went to for only pajamas but a place where customers can go to for different home goods. Today customers can find sleepwear, weighted throws, silk pillowcases and even bedding essentials. With our high quality in all our products, I plan on continuing to grow my brand and find more products to fit our store.

Love Always

Namal Muskan